a quarter for a nickel

It’s been a while since I’ve done an intensive research paper. I am writing my thesis on the viability and productivity of microfinance in agriculture, specifically in the developing world. My advisor told me I should just start writing…knowing it would be rough. This idea isn’t unique to him, I want to start writing, my friends seem to think I should start writing, my family religiously believes I should have started writing. As I go to sleep I think, I should start writing – tomorrow. Every time I go to write I freeze, or I write something unimpressive. It’s because I feel I need more research. So I find article after article, organization after organization. Send a few emails, set up some informational interviews, read articles, and look at a blank Microsoft Word document. I’ve put in days of research and the most I could confidently write about is only a sentence or two. Days invested, for a mere hour of output.

It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten how easy writing can come when the prep work is in. Narratives are more fun, I can jot down random thoughts and piece them together later. If I jot down mediocre sentences it’ll double the work later on when I have to sift and glean and clean. I will keep researching. I will keep reading. I will shut out the foreign pressures of the universe and do what I do. I’ll have a rough draft soon though, as it is my cultural criticism.


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