final blog assignment: reflection

A sunny and quiet Tuesday at Cheeseboard. (mine)

photo 2

Anything for pizza. (


Redband, without a headband. (


Music @ Cheeseboard. (


Cheeseboard’s quote of the day. (mine)


I did my fieldwork at Cheeseboard. It’s a place of serenity for me, so I figured if I could choose an end of the year (or end of college career) project in a place that calms me…I should. I’ve learned a lot from this process. I’ve learned how opinionated I am. That’s probably the biggest takeaway.  It was hard for me to take notes without bias, huge glaring bias actually. Having thoughts associated with simple things has been a common trait of mine, I think it was developed in conjunction with my interest in humor and improv. Finding funny in everything has a place and a time, though not necessarily in fieldworking. Instead, I let myself be biased. I tried to make it very obvious, when I was being biased. I let the reader know it was my voice and thoughts were always backed with action. I think the idea of realizing an issue and not changing it is therapeutic in a sense. The first step is awareness, I became aware and I accepted. Especially in a time of stress, rules and deadlines, a project that allowed me to do as I felt and a professor that said “yes” was a gift. This gift wasn’t initially realized.  Finding a balance between thought and action was a challenge, but I’m so glad to have been faced with it.  And writing what you see is harder than it looks.

Thank you for an incredible semester Ms. Hammons – I genuinely believe this course has impacted me most. The freedom we were granted and the confidence that resulted from that is so unique and invaluable.


big distractions, bigger context


Matthew’s bloody nose
1/5/12: day I leave for 6 months in Oxford.




Dog, plus dog lady
7/2/12: day after returning from Oxford.




Ring bearers in Converse
11/3/12: maid of honor in a wedding from hell.




A pub’s peacock
1/15/13: amidst a defining conversation re: long distance relationship.



grandma at hospital

Grandma staring
3/3/12: broken hip, and missing a flight/thesis deadline.




Grandpa, left. Uncle, right.
1980s: LA riots don’t stop for Uncle’s induction ceremony.


continuing with Irish – ness

The below conversation was between my Grandmother and I in early March.  She had me literally loling the entire time, which was bittersweet as it was a glimpse of the past, my witty, incredible Grandmother pre-alzheimers.  Immediately following the conversation she went to get off of the bar stool and fell, breaking her hip.  I was too emotionally attached to the situation to post this until now. Ridden with irony and foreshadow, it’s now therapeutic to post.

Want to write a blogpost?


What are you thinking about right now?

Right now? I’m a bit cold.

What about now?

That I want to put this on because I’m cold.

Are you satisfied?

Am I satisfied now? Do you have a pair of knee socks I could borrow?

Are you serious?

Yes. It’s my own fault though, look at this summery thing I have on. I’m stupid! I’m stupid!

Please don’t put this on your blog. I would like to come across as being smarter than that.

Ok, what’s the most intellectual thought you’ve had today?

What’s the most intellectual thing I’ve thought about today? I can’t think. IntellectualIntellectual. Oh, saved by the bell, we have to go to the table.

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