continuing with Irish – ness

The below conversation was between my Grandmother and I in early March.  She had me literally loling the entire time, which was bittersweet as it was a glimpse of the past, my witty, incredible Grandmother pre-alzheimers.  Immediately following the conversation she went to get off of the bar stool and fell, breaking her hip.  I was too emotionally attached to the situation to post this until now. Ridden with irony and foreshadow, it’s now therapeutic to post.

Want to write a blogpost?


What are you thinking about right now?

Right now? I’m a bit cold.

What about now?

That I want to put this on because I’m cold.

Are you satisfied?

Am I satisfied now? Do you have a pair of knee socks I could borrow?

Are you serious?

Yes. It’s my own fault though, look at this summery thing I have on. I’m stupid! I’m stupid!

Please don’t put this on your blog. I would like to come across as being smarter than that.

Ok, what’s the most intellectual thought you’ve had today?

What’s the most intellectual thing I’ve thought about today? I can’t think. IntellectualIntellectual. Oh, saved by the bell, we have to go to the table.


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