final blog assignment: reflection

A sunny and quiet Tuesday at Cheeseboard. (mine)

photo 2

Anything for pizza. (


Redband, without a headband. (


Music @ Cheeseboard. (


Cheeseboard’s quote of the day. (mine)


I did my fieldwork at Cheeseboard. It’s a place of serenity for me, so I figured if I could choose an end of the year (or end of college career) project in a place that calms me…I should. I’ve learned a lot from this process. I’ve learned how opinionated I am. That’s probably the biggest takeaway.  It was hard for me to take notes without bias, huge glaring bias actually. Having thoughts associated with simple things has been a common trait of mine, I think it was developed in conjunction with my interest in humor and improv. Finding funny in everything has a place and a time, though not necessarily in fieldworking. Instead, I let myself be biased. I tried to make it very obvious, when I was being biased. I let the reader know it was my voice and thoughts were always backed with action. I think the idea of realizing an issue and not changing it is therapeutic in a sense. The first step is awareness, I became aware and I accepted. Especially in a time of stress, rules and deadlines, a project that allowed me to do as I felt and a professor that said “yes” was a gift. This gift wasn’t initially realized.  Finding a balance between thought and action was a challenge, but I’m so glad to have been faced with it.  And writing what you see is harder than it looks.

Thank you for an incredible semester Ms. Hammons – I genuinely believe this course has impacted me most. The freedom we were granted and the confidence that resulted from that is so unique and invaluable.


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